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Popup Mix One Egg Pot 100g


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This one egg mix is ideal for you to create your own variation of popups in your own home or on the bank. Product comes in a plastic pot ready to be mixed.

Simply add one egg (not included) to the unflavoured popup mix and then a flavour and colour if you require.

Each popup mix comes with one 30ml colour of your choice as well as a 5ml flavour of your choice

Simply select your colour from the dropdown

Additional information

Weight N/A
30ml Free Colour Choice

Fluoro Blue, Fluoro Coral, Fluoro Green, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Pink, Fluoro Purple, Fluoro Yellow, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pastel Orange, Pastel Pink, Pastel Purple, Pastel Yellow, Primary Black, Primary Blue, Primary Brown, Primary Red, Primary White

5ml Free Flavour

Anchovy & Garlic, Banana, Blackcurrant, Caviar, Citrus, Creamy Condensed Milk, Lime, Maple, Monster Crab & Cranberry, Peach, Salmon, Scopex, Secret Agent, Squid & Garlic, Strawberry & Banana, Toffee, Tuna, White Chocolate


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