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Fruit Selection Flavoured Popups Pack


Baits Selection Pack

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This stunning selection pack of fluoro coloured baits comprises of a selection of fruit flavours. Expertly rolled here in the UK and contain only the finest pigmentation of colouring dust available. The fluoro range is Hi-Vis and the quality outshines any other ranges on the market.

Combined with the alluring palette of flavours available they are without a doubt a premium bait product. Flavours included are Blackcurrant, Lime, Peach and Banana

The stunning quality of each flavour greets you as you screw open the high-quality tub and the standard of the products form speaks for itself. The baits are extremely buoyant, stay popped up for extended periods with ease. A must-have for the carp fisherman’s bait box.

The quality fluoro colour range has been combined with amazing flavours. Have been extensively tested and will not fade in colour overnight. The colour won’t leak, what you put out in the afternoon will be the same as what you pull in, no colour fade, no washout. In fact, we guarantee the fluoro range to last over 24 hours.

All of our baits have been tried and tested by anglers with many years of experience. With excellent results, producing some outstanding fish both in England and abroad. Without a doubt making these baits a premium product.

The baits are needle friendly and extremely buoyant and stay popped up for extending periods of time with ease.

Undoubtedly a must-have for every carp angler. Selection pack saves over 5% on buying the products individually.