About Us

Carp Colours is the outcome of two childhood friends who had a simple idea; to provide a quality product that would be the envy from one angler to the next. One which would provide first class results but not break the bank.

Growing up in competitive fishing circles and being exposed to many brands, each claiming they were the highest of quality, claiming to the be the next best thing. We often realised that with low prices, quality of was often sacrificed and using the premium level baits budget never stretched as far.

Why can’t you have both?

Based in the South of England, all our products have been designed, refined and produced here in the UK. Which means no costly import charges being passed down to our customers.

Our Mission

Carp Colours are a UK based company with one aim; to provide the most premium and consistently performing baits possible at an affordable price. Partnering product excellence with first class customer service we bring to you the finest range of baits on the market. Delivered to your door with speed and efficiency using only the best couriers available.

Research has identified that carp not only distinguish flavour but also can determine the colour of objects in low light levels. With various studies showing that the pigment, brightness, variation of your baits really does have an effect on your catch rate.

Combining the most alluring flavours with the highest quality of colourants has enabled us to produce this industry-leading line of baits. Any introductions of flavour and colour ranges have been extensively thought out and tested to ensure they are practical and provide the best results.

Our products speak for themselves, a must have for any anglers bait box. Make sure you are working with the best!