Numerous research programmes have been published in recent years with a similar topic; the ability for carp to see a variety of colours in the depths of water. All research appears to point in the same direction, confirming that carp can, in fact, see in colour. carp, just like many other fish have developed a strong colour vision. The thesis is widely based on the fact their eyes contain both rod and cone receptors in very much the same way our own eyes do.

It’s also important to note that over time carp’s eyes have developed further to be able to see in even low light levels deep beneath the surface of the water. In fact, it’s safe to assume that carp can, in fact, see much better than us in low light levels.

Furthermore, the fact their eyesight is so well adjusted, when carp are caught and removed from the water, they actually become extremely short-sighted. Just as with the latter, when we are underwater our vision becomes extremely short sited.

with this in mind, it’s clear that vibrant coloured baits really can be vital in the catching of carp. A variety of colours being able to be distinguished against the surrounding environment. Also, camouflage on your rigs could also be a defining factor in your catch rate.

To summarise, its extremely fair to assume that carp can actually see extremely well in colour underwater, they can also sport very small items in low light conditions.