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The Premium Choice For Carp Baits

We are a UK based company with one aim, to provide the most premium and effective baits possible at affordable prices. Our baits have been refined over an extensive period by first hand experienced anglers.

Carp Colours Blog

Team Carp Colours Win The World Carp Masters 2018

We are overwhelmed and insanely proud to share that our team placed first at the World Carp Masters. After a tightly fought competition, it was a 14.0Kg Common that effectively won the tournament for the team turning a 1.35Kg deficit into a 2.45Kg advantage. With a 4…

Team Carp Colours Donate to Angling Charities

The Carp Colours team placed first in the recent World Carp Masters tournament in the Czech Republic. The annual event held on Lake Orlik saw teams from around the globe compete for the prestigious title. First place also awards a generous selection of prizes provided…

Improve Your Catch Rate

All our products have been extensively tested for the past two years by real fisherman worldwide. Every aspect, flavour and colour carefully considered in order to create the perfect bait range, refined to give you the edge on your competition.

Colours don’t leak, a far superior carp fishing bait. What you put out in the afternoon will be the same as what you pull back in, no colour fade or bleed. All pop-ups can be used on a chod rig. Fluoro range is guaranteed for 24 hours.

Specially formulated to be critically balanced. Will go down with a size 6 hook. Only the weight of the hook is needed and the wafter will slowly drop. extensive range of colours and flavours available in this key bait